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The Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching facilitates positive change through dialogue for individuals and organizations. 

We offer coaching services, corporate solutions and coach training. Our team members will help connect you with your resourceful past and orient you towards your preferred future.

Together, we will transform your workplace learning experience to foster creativity and innovation at all levels.


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Executive Director, Head Coach

Haesun Moon

Haesun Moon is a leading expert and educator on evidence-based coaching and the use of language in transforming workplace dialogues.

A Harvard faculty member at the Institute of Coaching (McLean Hospital Affiliate, Harvard Medical School), she has authored both academic books and practice-oriented manuals for dialogic intelligence.

Her academic and professional research in coaching dialogues and pedagogy from the University of Toronto introduced a simple coaching model, the Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ), that has transformed the way people coach and learn coaching worldwide. Haesun teaches at the University of Toronto and serves as Executive Director at the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching.


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Executive Assistant

Bailey Green

Bailey Green is Haesun’s Executive Assistant. She’s inspired by how solution focused coaching transforms workplace dialogues. As a professional actor, her background in theatre informs how she approaches her work—with creativity and focus. Originally from Montreal, she’s an alumna of the University of Toronto, Sheridan College, and John Abbott College. Her extensive experience spans a range of industries—from working in several highly successful Toronto start-ups, to over a decade working with children and young adults.


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Community development manager

Annina Schmid

Annina Schmid loves communicating with people. As a freelancer in the field of new media communication and digital strategy, Annina has published and consulted for a number of high profile clients in both the public and private sector.

Trained at King’s College, McMaster University and CCBC, she is currently a solution-focused coach in private practice in Toronto.